Great voices are not quite as rare as people say they are.
 What is rare is the meritorious &  integral combination of vocal quality, versatility, range, stamina, and intense stage presence!

This is "The VOICE Of ALL VOICES" 
Kenny Whiteside!

With pure charisma and astounding comfort, Kenny is "The Most Versatile Vocalist, Entertainer and Showman" that has been on stage for decades! 
Alluring!  He intrigues audiences of most ages! 

Kenny Whiteside certainly has a unique blend and incredible array of professional qualities. Every time you hear him sing and see him perform you will discover that Kenny is all about extraordinary music and entertainment.  A rare find! 
Kenny captures the hearts of all his listeners. His voice radiates emotions, inspires, motivates, and pierces his listeners with pure enchantment! Kenny "takes you away" on a majestic fantasy with each song.
 A "feeling of ecstasy"... 
A voice so versatile yet that of luxurious velvet! You just can't get enough of him! His exciting showmanship, velvet voice, and extreme vocal versatility always 
astonishes his audiences! 
Kenny serenades you with 
Decades of the Greatest songs of All time,
 not to mention an array of exciting originals! 
On stage, he surely will give you 
"One Enchanted Evening" 
to last a lifetime!  This is 
THE Voice and THE Showman 
that is meant to be seen and heard all around the world!

Possessing pure poise and amazing self-confidence to command the respect of all audiences; Kenny is gallant, gentlemanly and sensual in manner.
 Exceptionally distinctive.
He has an infectious smile and intense charm. 
Kenny is exactly what the world needs now... 
Kenny Whiteside, "The Voice of All Voices!
               Undeniably, will Rapture you!                         
 ... S.S., PiZazz Entertainment
Voice & Sound Expert Big BandTribute To Barry White

Listen to Kenny!
Listen to Kenny!
Performing Experience:
As a member of The Cleftones, Kenny has performed in Internationally on numerous occassions (Spain & London) before thousands of fans. 

Appeared on network television (PBS 13 & 21), QVC Network. Performed in numerous "Performng Art Centers" and Theaters throughout the United States to include major venues (I.E. Madison Sq. Garden, NY Collisium, Westbury Music Fair. Fox Wood, Mohegan Sun, and other midwest Casinos including several performances In LAS Vegas.
Kenny's Vocal  Talent
Kenny is not just any singer.
He has the ability to give you the best vocal renditions in almost any Genre of of Music.
With over 300 songs in his vocal repitoir, Kenny is able to belt out the songs in the style made popular and even give you a good flavor of the original recording artist.

Kenny's Other Vocal Specialties:
Frank Sinatra Big Band
Pop Standards
Classic R&B
Tributes to Barry White
Elvis Presley
and of course "Doo Wop"

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